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I had the good fortune to be represented by Robert G. Cummings from the summer of 2018 through a two-month jury trial in the spring of 2019. I was charged in Santa Clara County with extremely heinous charges. The prosecutors had DNA evidence and witnesses claiming I had committed rape by intoxication. I spoke with many attorneys who said that the evidence was too overwhelming to prevail in court. I refused to enter into any plea agreement because I was completely innocent of the allegations against me.

Robert Cummings came into my case and began analyzing the evidence and questioning the various witnesses. He found the right investigators and made sure they asked all the right questions. He worked tirelessly for the next year to compile the strongest defense we could present. Robert Cummings spent copious hours with me talking about the events and details of every aspect of the evidence and statements of each witness involved in the case.

At trial, he battled motion after motion and did an outstanding job at selecting a fair and impartial jury. He did an amazing job of cross-examining the witnesses and experts against me. When we presented our case, Mr. Cummings did an outstanding job of allowing me to tell my side of the story to the jury. I can remember him telling me “the truth shall set you free” and that’s exactly what we delivered to the jury. After six days of deliberation, the jury acquitted. Ten of the members of the jury hugged me in the hallway after the verdict.

My four children, my wife and I, all thank God for Robert Cummings. He came along during the darkest period of my life and lifted me up and fought hard for truth and justice. He met with my family, had faith in my innocence, and prayed to God that we could demonstrate it at trial. At every turn and tribulation in the course of my defense, Mr. Cummings made the right decisions. He acted with great integrity and ethical resolve at every stage in the process of bringing about fairness and justice.

- Brandon T.

Shortly after high-school, my girlfriend became involved with methamphetamine. When I learned of this, I broke up with her immediately. About five months later, she decided to fabricate charges of domestic violence against me. She was so convincing that it resulted in me being incarcerated for eight months. Approximately forty days after my release, she fabricated a second sets of allegations against me. This is when my family hired Robert G. Cummings.

Mr. Cummings came into the case and began assessing both the prior and new allegations against me. He gathered statements from witnesses and investigated each aspect of the case. Mr. Cummings acquired 911/CAD recordings and began to analyze the various voices on the phone during the alleged emergency call. He parsed out each comment and learned that there were major inconsistencies between the statements made to the police and the original allegations to the 911 operator. Further, there were other major statements made on the 911 call that questioned to credibility of the original reports.

After questioning persons present during the 911 call, it became apparent that the allegations against me were completely fabricated. Mr. Cummings was able to get the charges against me dismissed and helped me clean up my record. After the case was dismissed, Mr. Cummings helped me get a restraining order against my ex-girlfriend to protect me from further false allegations and abuse.

After his initial representation, Robert Cummings remained available for legal advice and representation. He helped me out with several other situations and provided excellent advice to several other persons looking for help. He counseled me in clearing my name and pursuing licensure as a contractor. He has always been responsive and willing to provide advice to me and people I have referred to him. Mr. Cummings has always been open and honest in handling several crisis situations that I have encountered myself and that I have helped other people through.

- Tom A.

I was falsely accused of domestic violence. Robert G. Cummings was able to get the criminal charges against me dismissed. He then represented me in pursuing a domestic violence restraining order against my husband. I then went through several family law attorneys and feel that I was misrepresented and overcharged by several of them. Based on my history with Mr. Cummings, I was fortunate enough to convince him to be my family law attorney. I now have a majority of custody over my children and am pursuing an embezzlement action against my ex-husband.

Robert was very helpful, attentive and informative during my ordeal. Thanks to him I was able to navigate the unknown with a successful outcome. I am thankful that he represents me and feel that I have a stellar advocate for my cause. Mr. Cummings is professional, honest and works very hard to pursue justice.

- Maria A.

Since first meeting Mr. Cummings, I have always known him to be well thought out, conscientious, and concerned with doing the right thing. He worked very hard as a Deputy District Attorney and endeavored to be fair to opposing counsel and their clients. Mr. Cummings also served during off hours as a Board Member of the Richmond Juvenile Drug Court which was aimed a making a difference in the lives of youthful offenders through treatment. Mr. Cummings worked very hard in both of these capacities.

- Attorney

Legal acumen is an essential element in choosing an attorney; a quality that Mr. Cummings effectively demonstrates. He has conducted himself professionally and beyond reproach, without exception, during our working relationship. Mr. Cummings is respectful, prompt, and, per my request, keeps me updated on the details of our cases to the minutest level because that is how I want to work together as I am very emotionally involved in seeking justice for this attack. Mr. Cummings is also very honest – even when the honest message is not a pleasant one – he will deliver it tactfully but straightforward. This demonstrates his simultaneous adherence to ethics and flexibility in working with the specific requirements and level of involvement while carrying out his duties as our counsel, as well as his other clients.

The nature of the cases that Mr. Cummings has and is currently representing us in are personally traumatizing, both physically and emotionally, from the onset. After 18 months of dealing with the constant stress and emotional ramifications of the initial incident, then the ensuing litigation, Mr. Cummings has demonstrated character that is hard to come by in the legal profession. Mr. Cummings, while maintaining a professional demeanor and relationship has demonstrated a sensitivity to the emotional impact and toll the cases have, and still are, taking on us. He adjusts instinctively, according to our ever-changing emotional and physical abilities and disabilities.

Mr. Cummings makes himself available to us and his clients at extended hours when, during the course of regular court/business hours during the day, he is unavailable due to trial, zoom appearances, etc. We have also faced and established a successful approach to our work methodology during the ensuing COVID-19 debacle.

- Sue A.

Very Active, Kind, and Good Lawyer

I consulted about my divorce case and my ex-husband's criminal case. The case was regarding assault and had tax crime involved, and he was a former accountant and gave me a good explanation from various angles.

Furthermore, his network was so wide that, unexpectedly during the meeting, he contacted my cases' prosecutor as a close friend and suggested a way to help me.

He was a very active, kind, and good lawyer.

I strongly recommend!

- Haeeun K.

Nothing but Praise

I have nothing but praise to give to Mr. Cummings...his knowledge of the law and how to use it is impeccable.When you need someone that is dedicated and on your side in a legal matter you really don't want anyone else...I am more then grateful for his candor and willingness to work around my busy schedule...he not only works with you as a client but treats you like a friend. I would highly recommend him for all your legal needs.

Thank you for your services.

- Dawnn H.

Highly Recommend

I'd like to thank Mr. Cummings for the hard work and effort he put into my case. Though I was facing some serious charges, Mr. Cummings and his resourcefulness as a lawyer, succeeded in bringing my case to a close with substantial decisions in my favor. I will not bore you guys with details but just know Mr.Cummings is an extremely competent Lawyer and treats you as an equal throughout. I'm so happy I made the choice to go with him as my lawyer and will continue to going forward. I highly recommend Mr. Robert Cummings for all your litigation needs. Thank-you Mr. Cummings you are much appreciated.

- Ross C.

Very Professional

I had the Great Fortune of enlisting, at the last minute to boot, the service of The Law Offices of Robert Cummings for a family matter. The attorney Robert Cummings was not only more than available for my situation even with the very tight timeline I required. He was very professional in the handling of my situation. if you need an attorney that will hear you out, guide you in the proper direction at a fair rate look no further! Please truly consider Mr. Robert Cummings for your attorney needs.

- Victor M.

On my 23rd birthday, my life, as I know it, was almost taken away from me. I had completed finals at the College of San Mateo and was invited by someone I thought was my “friend” to a party. Prior to the party, we were joined by a young female that two of my “friend’s” friends dropped off at a liquor store. She claimed to be 18 years old and I later learned she was 15 and suffered from bipolar disorder. I personally suffer from schizophrenia and had been under a lot of stress due to finals.

We began to celebrate the end of finals and my birthday by drinking large amounts of alcohol. As we walked to where the party was supposed to be, I was pushed to drink more and more. After a three-hour walk, I was extremely inebriated. We arrived at a motel where the party was supposed to be. By that time, I had consumed three pints of brandy and two 40 ounces of malt liquor. I do not recall much of what happened after that time.

When I awoke the next day, I received a multiple-party phone call where I was accused of rape. Several persons on that phone call claimed to have witnessed the rape. It was surreal because I had no recollection of much of any of the events of that evening. I found myself charged with rape and facing eight years in prison. My mental health began to deteriorate.

We spoke with several attorneys who suggested I plead to a deal and try to get a reduced prison sentence. I was frightened and my condition was worsening. Each attorney that went over the evidence thought that there was no chance at prevailing at trial. I became more and more panicked with each attorney we spoke to. That’s when my father and I met with Robert Cummings.

Unlike other attorneys, Robert Cummings spent a couple hours going over the evidence and questioning me about what I could remember which at that time wasn’t much. Mr. Cummings had a positive demeanor and came up with a strategy to get mental health help. For the next year and a half, we pursued a mental health defense. I met with psychiatrists and counselors and began to recollect certain portions of the evening. Robert Cummings met with us constantly and started to put pieces of a puzzle together. Mr. Cummings had a calming demeanor and patience for my lack of recollection.

After I was deemed competent to stand trial, Mr. Cummings pursued a potential insanity defense. As a Deputy District Attorney, he had handled several mental health cases and had a comprehensive understanding of the system. As we grew nearer and nearer to trial, Mr. Cummings started to determine where the holes in the prosecution’s case were. There were pieces of the allegations against me that did not make sense. The multiple witness stories did not line up. The victim’s statements seemed to indicate that she may also have lost consciousness during the evening. There were recordings where she was oddly euphoric that were puzzling in light of the multiple allegations.

On the first day of trial, a non-cooperating witness came into the District Attorney’s and seemed to seal my fate. Each hole in the prosecution’s case that we identified seemed to be sealed up to ensure my conviction. It was as if the detective who interviewed her was leading her to provide testimony against me. As we read through the new report, my conviction seemed imminent. Mr. Cummings kept positive and kept analyzing the evidence over and over.

On the third day of trial, Mr. Cummings discovered a huge hole in the prosecution’s case. The head of the sexual assault team had been hiding evidence involving the second set of underwear that had not been previously mentioned due to conflicting statements by the victim. As the jury was coming in, Mr. Cummings approached the judge, and they were sent right back out the door. Arguments ensued and the entire jury panel was dismissed.

The second set of underwear was tested and the rape charge against me was dismissed. Despite the case being over, Mr. Cummings continued to advise me regarding my mental health. The nerve-racking fear of trial had taken its toll and Mr. Cummings remained an advisor and a friend. He helped me get into a program to help get me back on track. Mr. Cummings attended my graduation from that program. I re-entered the College of San Mateo and managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude.

Today, I am gainfully employed and expecting my first child. Had Mr. Cummings not taken my case and spent long hard hours going over and over the evidence, I would still be incarcerated in prison. Mr. Cummings used the evidence he gathered and wrote several letters to the District Attorney urging them to pursue what turned out to be a gang rape. He has kept close contact with my family and has helped us out with various legal matters.

- Jose S.

After leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Rob Cummings went into criminal defense. When a family member of mine was charged with a criminal offense, I sought out Mr. Cummings to represent him. I chose Rob because I knew he would work hard to pursue a fair resolution and see that my family member received needed counseling. I knew that I could trust Rob to provide the best defense in a fair and compassionate manner. I also knew that Rob had a vast amount of experience working with individuals with mental health needs. Rob went over and above what was expected. He was able to work with my family member and saw that he got much needed treatment.

Since that time, I have met and conferred with Rob on several other cases involving family law, mental health, domestic violence and various criminal charges. I can count on Rob Cummings for sound advice from both a strategic standpoint and an ethical analysis. I have found him to have good moral character in all the matters that we have discussed.

- Attorney & Client

Robert G. Cummings represented my son who was falsely charged with rape and suffers from schizophrenia. His charges arose as a cover-up orchestrated by several other individuals who took advantage of both the victim’s mental health as well as my son’s. The evidence against my son seemed insurmountable and several other attorneys refused to take his case. Mr. Cummings came into our lives and gave us hope that justice would prevail.

Mr. Cummings was very familiar with mental health issues and was able to get my son evaluated by four psychiatrists. He knew the ins and outs of the mental health system and worked hard to get the psychiatrists prepared to adequately understand my son’s issues. After fighting the case for a year and a half in the mental health context, the matter was set for trial. The state of the evidence going into trial looked bleak and we were very anxious about whether justice could prevail.

In preparation for trial, Robert Cummings analyzed every aspect of the case and worked hard to interview and analyze each witness who would cooperate with our investigations. Mr. Cummings went to the scene of the crime and acquired experts to analyze the many aspects of the evidence. He kept our family informed of every aspect of my son’s case and the anticipated concerns we had with trial. He met with us often and gave us comfort in our despair.

At trial, Mr. Cummings uncovered severe prosecutorial misconduct and halted the trial in its tracks. Mr. Cummings used evidence the prosecution had hidden for years to prove my son’s innocence. The prosecutor was subsequently fired for hiding evidence. Mr. Cummings demanded that the hidden evidence be tested for DNA and lies and conspiracy against my son unfolded. After the charges were dismissed against my son, Mr. Cummings urged the District Attorney pursue the real rapists that set my son up. There was always great suspicion about the state of the evidence. Robert Cummings was able to draw it out and use it to exonerate my son.

After the charges were dismissed, Mr. Cummings continued to work with my son and helped get him into a treatment program for his condition. Mr. Cummings remained involved and came to my son’s graduation from that three-year program. We also consulted with him on many other cases and found him to be very knowledgeable and very forth coming with solutions for several people in need of help. By the grace of God and with Mr. Cummings’ wisdom of the mental health system, my son was able to get back on track and is now a gainfully employed college graduate with a family of his own.

- Maritza C.

Made Me Feel Important

First off let me start by saying that Robert handled my case perfectly. I was facing 3 felonies on a pretty much loser case. Robert fought with everything he had, showing up to all my courts, and always keeping me up to date on what was going on. He always made me feel important, just how a lawyer should make his clients feel. By the time he was finished, my case was completely dismissed. I strongly recommend hiring Robert for any type of case if you are looking to win!!

- Yovani

He Cares About Who He Works With

Robert Cummings, I believe is an asset as well as, I believe a very competent lawyer in the community. He is well-versed in all aspects of the law. He is competent, well respected and has worked for many different parts of the community. He cares about who he works with. I would recommend him highly and as highly knowledgeable in the communities welfare itself!! I would highly recommend him. Very professional!

- Mary O.

I Would Back and Recommend Robert Cummings

This man assisted me with a tough problem during his time off. He took the time to walk me through my legal issue. It is very hard to find this type of help in the world of law but I would back and recommend Robert Cummings for your Criminal or Civil issues.

Thank you Robert.

- Rachel V.

Takes the Time to Listen

Robert Cummings was hired to represent my friend in a human trafficking case, he was looking at 20 years. Robert got it down to 3 years. Also he represented me in an arbitration where he got me all my money back (a lot of money) from the original attorney I first hired. He takes the time to listen and is kind and personable not like other attorneys I've experienced. I would definitely use him for future legal advice. I would highly recommend Robert Cummings to anyone for a free consultation for any legal issues.

- Melanie

Best Attorney that I Have Ever Met!

Robert is an excellent attorney! Robert handled my case. He did a great job. I am satisfied with his service. He is professional, friendly, patient, helpful and wonderful. He is the best attorney that I have ever met! I appreciate his help.

- Connie