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Serving the San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose, and Oakland Areas
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As a former athlete, I fight to win. My confidence and expertise commands a courtroom.

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I approach every case with empathy. I aim to be an approachable resource every step of the way.

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Each case and client is different and deserves to be treated as such. I tailor my strategy to you.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Attorney
in San Francisco, California

Robert G. Cummings

Attorney at Law

From a young age, I knew I wanted to help people. I started out as a Certified Public Accountant, but soon discovered that what I was truly passionate about was criminal law. As a natural people person with a knack for public speaking, the trial aspect of criminal law fascinated me. I decided that becoming an attorney was the right career path for me. I earned my J.D. from UC Hastings in 1999 and started my own firm in 2007. My passion for defending others led me to focusing on serving clients in need of a domestic violence and sexual assault attorney in the San Francisco area.


"I enjoy helping people get back on their feet after a bad situation."

Robert G. Cummings

the perfect combination of
passion & experience

I have been serving the legal needs of the San Francisco, California area by operating The Law Offices of Robert G. Cummings for over 13 years now. My vast experience and knowledge of many areas of law, including domestic violence, sexual assault, civil litigation, general law, white collar crime, and more have made me a versatile and adaptable defender for you.

I am truly passionate about my job. Helping people move on from the difficult legal situations they find themselves in is incredibly rewarding and fuels me each and every day. One of my main goals is to help those struggling with mental health issues going through the legal system get back on track and moving forward with their lives. Through my continued work in the San Francisco area as a domestic violence & sexual assault attorney, I hope to make a real difference in my clients' lives.

I take the time to get to know my clients' cases in detail. It is necessary to know the ins and outs of your specific situation so that I can adequately strategize how to get you the best possible outcome in your case. I always listen to you first, so you can rest assured that you will always be heard. I get to know your story so that I can understand you as a client.

My goal as your attorney is to meet my client where they are and go from there. I am ready and willing to walk you through each step of the legal process so that your experience is as simple as possible. You may be wondering-will my life ever go back to normal? The answer is yes. With my help, you'll be back on the right path as soon as possible. Contact me today if you are in need of a domestic violence & sexual assault attorney in the San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose, or Oakland areas.

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Collaboration is the key to Success

As an attorney, one of my initial priorities is to establish a strong attorney-client relationship built on trust and communication. The legal process can be confusing, overwhelming, and stressful. I am always available if my clients have questions or concerns.

Many of my clients wonder whether their employment or long-term success is going to be affected by their current legal situation. These are valid and common concerns, and I will do my absolute best to minimize the damage caused by your legal situation so that you can have a smooth transition back to normality. If you are located in San Francisco, Redwood City, San Jose, or Oakland, reach out today to learn more about how I can help you.

I understand that you may be feeling as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders as you deal with this difficult situation. As your attorney, I will take some of that weight off so that you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life. Together we will tackle your case and work toward a fair outcome. You shouldn't have to face the legal process alone.

If you are in need of a domestic violence & sexual assault attorney, or legal help in your DUI, civil litigation, general law, mental health, or white collar crime case, I urge you to contact me today. You can rest assured that you are in great hands when you decide to work with The Law Offices of Robert G. Cummings.